I am more of a Neo-grotesque sans-serif kind of guy. Aim for functionality and aestheics* at the same time.

*aesthetics—One thing you should know about me is that I am dyslexic.
I misspell words all the time :(

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Ian, a system and interaction designer, skeptic, and a type enthusiast. I graduated from the University of Washington Interaction Design program in 2020 and currently work as a system designer at Microsoft.

I love typography. My appreciation for type expands every day as I learn more about its history and development. I think how a designer uses and treats their type says a lot about them. It shows how detailed-oriented and observant they are and demonstrates their understanding of visual composition. In my practice, I prefer Swiss designs (International Typographic Style). The structured grid, san-serif type, and asymmetrical layouts create aesthetically pleasing visual compositions and the simplicity, legibility, and objectivity of Swiss designs seamlessly match my design practices and values.

Besides design, I also enjoy Cross-fit, hot yoga, a good glass of chardonnay, and a sunny day in Seattle. I am currently trying to finish 'Say what you mean' by Jay Sofer. If you have any feedback or questions about my work, or if you just want to reach out, please don't be shy!

Inspiring Sayings

Podcasts I love
  • User Defender
    by Jason Ogle
  • Why'd you push that button?
    The Verge
  • This is Design School
    Jp Avila & Chad Hall
  • Crime Junkie
    Audio chuck
  • Urgent Care
    Mitra Jouhari & Joel Booster
  • The Daily
    New York Times
Typefaces I love
  • Franklin Gothic
    American Type Founders
  • ITC Roswell
  • Noe Display
    Schick Toikka
  • Suisse Int'l
    Swiss Typeface
  • Mena Grotesk
  • Founders Grotesk
    Klim Type Foundry
  • Thesis
    Lucas Fonts
  • Gotham

Good Things

The countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.